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Concrete is the Only Choice for a Strong, Structural Foundation


Concrete is the ONLY choice for a strong, structural foundation. Poured concrete walls provide homeowners with the highest quality foundation walls. The advances in technology that allows poured in place concrete walls to be installed in shorter construction times, greater design flexibility and higher strength. At MacLean Concrete Construction we have the best equipment available to help us install and pour walls faster and better than others. Let us give you a quote on your next project. With our Duraform style panel form system no one can compete with us price or speed wise.

Every wall is different, but thanks to our large inventory of forms and equipment as well as top-notch crews, we have not found a wall yet, that we could not tackle. We form walls with brick ledge, angles, bay windows, slopes, arches, curves, numerous doors and windows sizes and heights ranging from 1' to 16' tall, with widths from 4" to 36".

Our reputation is built upon a history of service and reliability. When we provide footings and foundations, we do so with the future in mind. We stand behind our work because we know our work must stand the test of time.

Why choose a poured concrete foundation?

A home built on a solid foundation will return your investment dollars. Solid concrete walls are the strongest. All of our basements are cast-in-place poured concrete walls. This means that the forms are set up on your lot, according to the design and size of the home, and the concrete is brought out and poured or pumped into the forms, right there on your job. In most cases the foundation is one seamless, solid, concrete wall.  There are no cold joints, which consist of new concrete formed up against already cured concrete. With the abundance of wet heavy clay soils found in our area and heavy frost penetration of our northern winters, poured foundation walls are the only option.